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based on individual needs. 

weekly schedule of classes at shanti yoga, open 7 days a week
weekly schedule of classes at shanti yoga, open 7 days a week

10:00-11:00 am Sunday Reset: Yin yoga & Pranayama

We ask that each student sign up for class individually. Class passes are not shareable or transferrable. 




*Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic, movement based practice. Invigorating asana (poses) and pranayama (breath work) energize and strengthen the body. New students will be supported and guided while they take this new step. Intermediate or advanced students will be invited to explore new and more challenging parts of the practice they didn't know were possible. This is definitely a challenging practice but modifications are offered and all are welcome.*

*Yin yoga is practiced by holding static poses for 3-5 minutes at a time, mostly from seated on the floor. This is a cooling and relaxing practice quite different from vinyasa. No warmups are involved as the poses are done with the body cold. The goal is to stress the joints and connective tissues, in order to relieve the body of tension, pain and anxiety.*

*Yin & Vinyasa Fusion is a beautiful blend of techniques intended to both tone the muscles and improve joint mobility. Invigorating standing poses, pranayama, calming seated & reclined poses, deep focus on the connective tissues of the hips and spine, and guided relaxation make for a well rounded practice that any practitioner can benefit from.*


Each class is all levels. Beginners are welcome! Must be 18 years of age to practice. 

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