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A message from Sissy:


The yoga practice found me exactly when I needed it. I didn't know it would end up changing the trajectory of my life, but thankfully it did. Through the last decade or so as a student, I've learned firsthand how transformative yoga can be. With the help of an experienced teacher, yoga helped me turn what was headed toward self destruction into a path of purpose and growth. I believe whole heartedly in yoga's capacity to heal, because the practice is what helped to heal me. I've been teaching since 2017, trained under some incredible teachers like Dawn Yager, Taylor Hunt, Abbie Galvin, Alan Finger and Kristine Weber. I've travelled to study in NYC under Sri Dharma Mittra, Miami with Kino McGregor, and Rishikesh, India where I studied Ayurveda with Dr. Harsh Agarwal, Ayurvedacharya. I have the blessing of dedicating my life to sharing what I've learned. So now, with a team of incredible teachers and some of the most dedicated students around, my purpose is to offer the practice to all those seeking something deeper, a pathway to peace. The same that was once done for me, the very thing which continues to add value to my life.


-Sissy Castillo, owner of Shanti Yoga Studio

Instructor Bio: 

-200, 300, and Yin Yoga teacher training certified under Dawn Yager, Swami Ambikananda and founder of Shanti Yoga

-Over 2,000 hours of teaching experience

-offering future yin yoga and 200 hour YTT trainings

-renowned in the Myrtle Beach community as a place for dedicated practice focusing on self-improvement, alignment, and technique. 

yoga alliance credential, certified continuing education provider
yoga alliance education credential, ERYT 500
Sissy Castillo, owner of Shanti Yoga Studio

Student Testimony

online review from valued student
online review from valued student
online review from valued student
online review from valued student

Shanti Yoga Studio Mission Statement:

This yoga studio is a space where dedicated seekers, brand new practitioners, and everyone in between may come to develop their personal practice in a safe and supportive group setting. We value discipline and hard work but approach these concepts with compassionate eyes. All Shanti instructors hold reverence for the practice and those teachers, sages and yogis which brought us the practice, dating back to yoga’s roots as a spiritual science of the Indian subcontinent. We honor the traditions by offering yoga to all those who seek, as more than just an exercise modality, but as a pathway to peace that can be achieved through self-study, asana, pranayama, meditation, and being of service to others. Shanti recognizes the importance of equity and diversity in the yoga industry and provides safe space for all people of marginalized groups to enjoy the benefits of the practice. Including but not limited to the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities. We do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, physical appearance, religion, or financial status. Shanti Yoga Studio is a haven for sincere yoga practitioners to hone their skills, find healing, experience growth, and enjoy a likeminded community. 

yoga alliance education credential
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