Founded in 2007 by master teacher Dawn Yager (Swami Ambikananda), 

Shanti Yoga has been dedicated to serving the Grand Strand community

throughout the years. Here you'll find the most highly trained instructors 

who focus on detailed and compassionate instruction for all levels of 

practitioner, from beginner to advanced. New students will be

supported and guided while more advanced students will be

given a challenging but safe practice. We are committed

to sharing the unadulterated teachings and traditions

of ancient Indian yogic philosophy stemming out of

the Kriya yoga lineage. Shanti is the epitome of

balance; we value not only strength and

discipline, but also open

hearted kindness. 


Our studio is conveniently located in the heart of Myrtle Beach, one block away from the ocean. We offer multiple classes a day with various time slots to better suit our students, who come from all walks of life. In addition to the regular class schedule, monthly events and workshops are held. Private sessions are available for single students or small groups. So many opportunities to join us as we thoroughly enjoy connecting students to the practice, and to their fullest potential not only on the mat but in their daily lives as well. Come practice with us to relieve pain, resolve stress, and achieve a higher quality of life.  


During the global Covid19 pandemic, we, like many other small businesses, were unable to remain open to the public. Upon reopening and returning to a semblance of normalcy, our students health, safety and peace of mind is still of the utmost importance to us. Our class sizes are smaller than we allowed for in past years, and we take time to clean and sanitize surfaces in between classes. Due to these smaller class sizes, we highly encourage each student to preregister and sign into class, in order to ensure their space! Our sign in process is user friendly and quick. However, as technology isn't perfect, if any student experiences issues signing in, please notify us by phone and our staff would be happy to help. The link to sign into any class is below, just click "book now".